1. Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are welcome, on a leash, and on the floor. It is not allowed to feed your dog at the table. You will find drinking bowls along the wall in the garden. Please note dogs are NOT allowed on the playground, nor on the miniature golf course. Families with small childres will thank you for observing these hygiene rules.

2. Why can we only make reservations 2 days before our visit? And as of what time?
We wait to find out what the weather forecast will be, since we also serve outside when the weather is nice. You may call us as of 9 am. Since this rule applies to everyone, you’ll be sure to have a seat.

3. How should I make reservations?
We take reservations by phone only. Please note that if you make reservations for four, you will also be expected to order four dishes from our restaurant menu (this includes children).
You can choose between (2 shifts):
-Lunchtime: 12 pm – 12.30 pm or 1.30 – 2:00 pm 
-Dinnertime: 6 pm-6.30 pm or 8:00 pm -8.30pm
We will hold on to your table for 15 minutes, so if you should be later, please notify us.

4. Why can’t we make reservations for the tearoom (waffles and pancakes)?
For practical reasons this is not feasible. Should you not find a table right away, please be a bit patient, one will free up quite quickly.

5. May we compose a menu beforehand?
Unfortunately not, please order from the menu on the day itself.

6. May we choose our table ourselves?
You may choose an area, such as the terrace or inside, but not a specific table. We assign tables in accordance with reservations.

7. Do you accept groups?
A reservation for up to 25 people still falls under regular reservations (to be made at the earliest 2 days in advance, and only for the restaurant), but if you are more than 25, this is not possible in season nor during weekends, but only on weekdays in April, May, June and September. Please note we do not have any event rooms for rent.

8. May we order just some fries for the children?
No, we only serve children’s dishes, and fries are included. We have classic children’s dishes such as steaks for kids, chicken filet, fish sticks, etc … but no meatballs, spaghetti, croque monsieur, sausage,…

9. Why can’t we just come over to use the playground?
Because the playground is free of charge and hence is covered by what you order in the restaurant and tearoom. For security reasons, it is also not allowed to leave children unattended without supervision of an adult.

10. Why can’t we all sit next to each other?
We try to seat as many people as possible and consequently need all available tables. If, for example, you are 2 and sit next to each other instead of facing each other, you occupy 2 tables instead of 1. So we kindly ask that you choose a table that corresponds to the number of people in your party and sit face to face.

11. Do you have a parking lot?
Yes, but please note it should only be used for the duration of your stay at Marie Siska. Should the parking lot be full, you can park in the street (to be paid, there is a parking meter on the side of the meadow).

12. Do you also serve breakfast?
No, we don’t, we only open at 12 noon for the restaurant.

13. Do you have a list of allergens?
Yes, please ask your waiter.

14. May we order something that’s not on the menu?
Unfortunately not, considering the size of our establishment, this is not feasible.

15. Someone is having a birthday and we’d like a surprise dessert, is that possible?
You can ask the waiter to decorate a waffle for you.

16. Do you accept separate checks?
Only one check per table please.

17. May we pay by credit card?
We accept cash, all credit cards, and Bancontact (ATM card).

18. Do you have gift certificates?
No we don’t.

19. Is there handicapped access?
Of course, we also have a handicapped restroom.

20. Do you allow buggies?
We do, but they must be parked on the buggy parking near the playground. If you really must have the buggy next to the table, we kindly ask that you do not put it in the main aisle between tables, so as not to block passage for the waiters.
However, we cannot allow buggies in the pergola, due to space restrictions and for the baby’s safety. We kindly ask that you use a maxi cosi (infant carrier) or a high chair.
Please note that bike trailers (such as the Croozer brand, e.g.) are not allowed on the premises.

21. Is there a place to change my baby’s diaper and heat a bottle?
There is a baby changing table and a microwave in the rest room.

22. As of which age are children allowed on the playground?
The exterior playground: 4 to 14 years old
The baby playground: 2 to 4 years old.

The exterior playground is always accessible during our opening hours, regardless of the weather. Please note that for security reasons, shoes must be worn at all times on the exterior playground.

The interior playground: 2 to 6 years old. However, this playground is only open in case of rain, and here, shoes need to be taken off.

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